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Success of Android platform in Mobile Application Development

The Success of Android platform in Mobile App Development

Author:Alisa Garner

Android OS powered devices are dominating the smart phone and tablet device market and this is proof of the popularity of Android open source platform. The Android platform is getting strong in the mobile application development market, while software development companies are getting much advantage through android application development.

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Smart phones work these days as pouch fit PCs as the android app development and its operating system offered by Google is bendy and is based on Linux Kernel. Apps can be simply created for smart phones without having to go through difficult measures and offers a great deal of profits on investment. There are many mobile application development companies which have approach to the front and are offering tremendously profitable and gainful android application development services. The android application development facilitates the business with many options for the making of apps. This is sure to increase the business and create more revenues. Android is an open source. The system of Android market facilitates free use of capital for programming the different app.

Android Versions so far:

Android has been updated many times since its release, these updates were to fix bugs and add new functionalities and facilities. The latest is Ice Cream Sandwich which is just release with some innovative features. One can see that each Android update is names after dessert.

  • Android 1.5 (Cup Cake)

  • Android 1.6 (Donut)

  • Android 2.0/2.1 (Eclair)

  • Android 2.2 (Froyo)

  • Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

  • Android 3.0 (honeycomb)

  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Benefits with Android Platform:

  • Android apps development is lucrative because it is open source.

  • Android Application developers are permitted to let their imagination untamed on Android SDK for developing original Android apps.

  • Android app developers have in the recent years, successfully created original app within the Android framework and also build third party mobile app, for Pocket PCs and other gadgets.

  • Java programming and C/C languages are used in Android apps development. Hence android developers find it easy who have skill working in these languages.

  • Android facilitates fast information gather and correct information.

  • You can hire android app developer and get your apps created with the professional android developers. But in that case be careful when you choose who you are hiring as average mobile app developer might result in total loss of money time and resources. So always choose experience android app Developer Company.

  • Testing and quality promise for Android app projects

  • Utilises its design

Mobile app developers working for the Android platform have an opportunity to publish their mobile solutions in Android Market, an application store launched by Google for mobile developers to distribute their Android-based apps. At the moment there are approximately 200,000 products available for sale in Android Market, which proves that Android platform is at the top of mobile application development market. There are many who are experienced in using Android SDK for gathering their client necessities. Many have even formed 2D and 3D apps with the help of Open GL technology. Some of the general applications consist of:


Business apps

Security apps

Communication apps with location-based service


Social Networking Apps

Barcode Scanning systems

Travel apps

Multimedia apps

The future of the Android platform looks bright for Android application developers who love to have access to everything. We can expect to see some interesting innovations both from Google and from the public as Android gains popularity. Every now and again new Android application development teams are showing up, and people are diverting to the Android phones because of its innovative design and capacity for game-changing applications.

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Alisa Garner is professional content writer, working with mobile apps development Company expertise in iphone application development and android application development.

Android Mobile Application development

Android is the latest Trend in Mobile Application development

Author:Alisa Garner

Android smart phone has become very popular in very short time and because of that the need of android app development is also increasing day by day. There is a wonderful rise of application and new games, utilities and business apps with every passing day. The market is flourishing at the rate of 30 per cent every month while there are number of new gadgets and smartphones coming up every 3 to 4 days. Industry experts believe that the rush is mainly due to the reputation of excellent smartphones including Motorola Droid, Sony Xperia, Samsung galaxy series and certain HTC models.

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As the users of Android phones boost it's also increase the demand of android application development, a diverse market segment is being formed. In this time of tight competition no business can afford to ignore even a single customer and this involves catering to a marketplace segment that accesses the internet throughout the android phone. Now the websites need to be well-matched with the Android smartphone and apps of android version has become must for business firms. Some of the factors that are making android application development very successful as are bellow:

  • Android is Linux based. This facilitates ease of access to rich development surroundings and core functionality of the mobile.

  • Its very easy to use android app development tool.

  • It provides well-off browser amenities as well. This facilitates the android app developer to provide better services.

  • It provides the correct information required. It also allows fast information gathering.

  • The Google Android App. can be worked out either with the help of a professional Android app development service provider.

  • Android helps developers to redirect their time not in development but in understanding client\'s requirements.

  • The procedure of Android application development involves programming through Java. One can mix various apps and features on a smartphone with the GPS, accelerometer, and video camera. It also provides the android app developers to create new Android apps using different marketing strategies which are based on public attention.

  • Android Application developers are allowed to let their imagination wild on Android SDK for developing imaginative Android applications as per client needs.

The positives and the flexible capability have made Android apps the largest selling phone across the world. The collection of android applications that the phone possesses makes it exclusive in terms of reliability and usability. The most vital feature of Android is its compatibility with special phones. The Android phone works like a PC that extend the diverse functionalities and keep itself updated with the help of Android app development companies. If we talk about Android Apps market, it shows a significant growth in recent years and it is also predicted that the growth will be tremendous in coming years. After Google has bought Motorola mobility, Android has got even in stronger position.

Now the Android application development and Android applications are growing rapidly in market and users are getting good features which are within their budget. Android application developers are developing variety of applications with lots of features which are made for some specific purposes like social media apps, GPS apps, games apps, entertainment apps, weather apps, Travel apps, and many more which are available at one touch.

There is variety of Operating Systems and new trends among which android app development is getting popular.

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Alisa is professional content writer, working with mobile apps development Company expertise in iphone application development and android application development.

Augmented Reality TV Coming Soon

Augmented Reality TV Coming To Your Home Soon

by Jessica Drew

Recently a science game show in Germany, called Galileo, ran an interactive quiz through the TV for any viewer who downloaded Junaio, an augmented reality app for smartphones. What is this exactly? Basically, if you were a viewer, you could download and launch the app on your phone, hold your phone's camera up facing your TV and select answers to the multiple choice questions displayed on the TV by tapping the answer on your smartphone.

[caption id="attachment_251" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Augmented Reality TV Coming To Your Home Soon Augmented-Reality-Technology-024 Augmented Reality TV Coming To Your Home Soon[/caption]

The image recognition software in the Junaio app detected the answers a viewer chose and automatically submitted it to Galileo's servers. Viewers instantly knew if they were right or wrong and the show's producers could display how well players as a whole were doing in real time. It's as if the smartphone app, in conjunction with the game show's display, can turn your TV into a touch screen interface.

Techies call this augmented reality and this type of viewing experience, tested in Germany, will undoubtedly become a mainstream, worldwide phenomenon. Why? In an age where everyone knows at least one person addicted to Farmville on Facebook, it's evident people love socially connecting through games and augmented realities. Also because the experiment was a huge hit.

The word "Galileo" was number one in German Twitter trends the night the show aired and during the well-promoted experiment the viewership of the game show jumped to a whopping 14 % percent of the entire market share for 14 to 49 year olds. Television producers cannot ignore numbers like those and you can bet augmented reality TV is coming to your home soon.

This is another example of Augmented Reality getting more useful and another demonstration of broadcast TV facilitating the active audience by giving them an opportunity to join in. This is more than test message voting, this is live at home audience participating from the living room and advances in this area could open up a range of possibilities across TV schedules. TV shows like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and others could harness this, but so could any TV content that could be enhanced through audience interaction. Once augmented reality TV does become more popular, can you imagine how Hollywood writers and other creative professionals are going to use it in conjunction with some of the craziest reality TV shows on air? The possibilities are nearly endless and it should interesting to say the least. 2012 is an election year and the televised political debates could use this technology in the debates!

Jessica Drew is a freelance writer and editor who blogs about a variety of money making topics such as personal finance, frugal living and credit cards.

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What Is The iPhone Augmented Reality?

What Is The iPhone Augmented Reality?

By Oliver Whitham

Augmented reality first appeared over 50 years ago, more recently it appeared in high-tech battle gear for soldiers. But now with the versatile iPhone there is a growing number of applications and games which overlay a virtual world on top of the real world.

[caption id="attachment_249" align="aligncenter" width="600"]What Is The iPhone Augmented Reality? Augmented-Reality-Technology-023 What Is The iPhone Augmented Reality?[/caption]

But what is augmented reality, what are it's uses, and why is it suddenly such a big deal?

To start with augmented reality really is as simple as displaying digital objects or information on top of a real world view. This is not particularly new, a simple example would be of the information shown 'on the field' during a football game. This is a great example of how computer generated information can be overlaid on a real world situation to provide highly relevant information in a visible but non-obtrusive way.

This has military applications, for instance having the location of enemies overlaid on 'battle goggles', and entertainment applications, such as alien invasions happening over your own cityscape. More practical uses exist however, and augmented reality can be used in tour guides, to tell you about the stars, or even help tell you about specific objects through simple object recognition.

The uses of augmented reality are only just beginning to appear in day-to-day life. However as object recognition becomes more and more intelligent, it is highly possible that games will alter the existing world, rather than just overlay new images on top of it.

Instead of just having static images and information overlaid on the real world, there may be programs that appear which alter the current landscape. These could turn your current skyline in to a futuristic landscape with buildings changed to incorporate futuristic stylings in to current structures and not just adding futuristic objects

Augmented Reality has become a huge deal over the last year for one simple reason. Apple created an update which allowed third-party apps to use the iPhone camera as a video camera. This new medium suddenly gave creative application developers a structure with which they could combine reality with virtual reality. This has spawned a new generation of iPhone games, but on top of that it has created the possibility for an entirely new kind of game and application style. From this new technology there is a strong possibility that even more imaginative uses will be found for combining the real and virtual world.

As the years go by I foresee augmented reality becoming a more and more integral part of day-to-day life, however until that time comes I will enjoy the augmented iPhone games, which are essentially what 'Pong' is to 'Call of Duty' today!

Augmented reality might have just started to appear on the iPhone, but it is already planned for inclusion in the first major iPhone MMORPG. We look forward to the augmented reality future that will bring a true virtual reality to the gaming world.

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Augmented Reality - Tools Used Today

Augmented Reality - Tools Used Today

Augmented Reality (AR) is the blending of the real and the virtual. It is when virtual elements are augmented by computer programs and associated with reality. In this article, we will have a look at some of the AR tools used today.

Slowly but certainly, the augmented reality is paving a way of virtual dependence. Technologies are adopting the augmented reality because of its high interactivity and efficiency. Our routine way of doing things is going to change in the coming years.

[caption id="attachment_213" align="aligncenter" width="468"]Augmented Reality - Tools Used Today Augmented-Reality-Technology-038 Augmented Reality - Tools Used Today[/caption]

Face Tracking Technology

Face tracking technology is used mostly on cameras and mobile phones. It allows the camera to recognize and track a human face. Taking photos has become so much easy and simplified while improving quality. The camera automatically adjusts the focus, exposure and color balance.

Virtual Mirror

A lot of companies are implementing the use of virtual mirror on their websites. It is a 3D technology which allows online viewers who are sitting in front of their computer, to virtually try the latest products. A webcam is needed for it to work. For example, several companies selling sunglasses and eyeglasses have been using this interactive technology to market their products. This is also relevant in clothing. There are mirror-like displays in shops where customers can see themselves wearing different clothing items. There is no need for a fitting room and the technology allows you to modify your cloth color and appearance. It is also applicable to footwear where various shoes of different colors can be tried by just standing in front of the virtual mirror.

Intelligent Smartphones

Another example of the augmented reality is through the use of intelligent smartphones whereby you just point your Smartphone at a building or roadside and additional information instantly appear on your phone such as current location, nearest hotel, restaurant menus, wind direction, compass among others.

Interactive Marketing

One of the most important tools used, in relation to augmented reality in marketing, is interactive products animations. Using digital photo studios, marketers can instantly create 360 degree animations and 3D animations of products, irrespective of size and weight. Online customers can rotate such virtual products animations using their computer mouse. This is quite similar to actually holding the product and looking at it through every possible angle. With such appealing interactive animations, the rate of customer conversion definitely gets boosted.

The future of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is gradually changing the world. We can already guess how the future might be; with wearable gestural interface, you might be able to do everything with your hand or with your voice. For example, tomorrow you might take photos with just your hands, you might play multiplayer games in holograms battle fields ...the possibilities are endless.

The author is currently working as English Copywriter at PackshotCreator, the interactive solution provider.

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